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How are your prices?
Custom cakes typically start at about $175. The main factor determining price is the number of details. Cakes with many tiny elements that we must hand-craft cost more; whereas simple, elegant cakes cost less. The best way to find out exactly what your cake will cost is to describe it to us, then we can figure out the price.
How do I order a cake?
We always start by chatting and bouncing some ideas back and forth. We often do this by phone or email, or at our kitchen. Don't hesitate to call, even if you're not sure you want a cake: there's no commitment at this stage, and we enjoy brainstorming.
What flavors are available?
We can develop a recipe for any occasion. People have requested all kinds of flavors - ginger and green tea, mango fluff, cinnamon roll, you name it. Of course, we do have our favorites - our chocolate is fantastic.
Do you make picture cakes, cupcakes, or cookies?
Yes, absolutely. We can add edible pictures to cakes, and can create speciality cookies and cupcakes.
Can you also make non-edible centerpieces?
Sure can! We make sugar sculptures that can be used as centerpieces, in display windows, or even in your living room as long as you dust them regularly. :)
Can we just walk in?
We'd love to meet you! Be aware that at times, we're out shopping for ingredients or delivering cakes, and sometimes, we're under pressure trying to meet a deadline, so it's probably best to call in advance.
How far in advance should I schedule?
Well, if somebody else books us first, we won't be able to make your cake. To be on the safe side, it's a good idea to call as far in advance as you can.
Can I cancel my order?
We ask for a 50% deposit when you make the reservation, and the rest one week before the delivery.
Do you deliver?
Yes, we deliver cakes to Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.
Do you ship cakes?
Unfortunately we do not as the cakes are perishable, and very delicate.
Where are you located?
We are located in Millvale, PA, just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.