Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to assure you that we take your privacy seriously. In the course of delivering a cake, we tend to learn information about you, such as your wedding date, and the address of your event. If the cake is a custom sculpture, it usually represents things you care about.

We recognize that this information can be quite personal, and we want you to know that we will treat that information confidentially. We do not share any personal information with outside businesses or outside individual, unless you ask us to.

We do keep your contact information and the information about your cake unless you specifically ask us not to. Again, we do not share this information with anyone.

With regard to electronic records: we generally keep emails that you send us, unless you ask us not to. The same applies to any information you choose to send us via the contact form. Once again, we treat this all confidentially.

We do keep a photograph of the cake we made for you, and we may show it on our website. You will notice that none of the photographs contain personally identifying information. No last names or faces are shown - if your cake contains one of these, we photograph the cake before the name or face is applied. We make an exception in the case of explicit consent.

We may also keep track of the interactions you had with our website. We use this information to make the website better.